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WM Human



I motivate all my clients to Wake up early in the morning and and find the mere performer in themselves.
I set goals with them.
I challenge them to push forward and improve their skills even in people who lack determination.

I’ve been a teen athlete, a football player, a titled marathon athlete.
Today I am a teacher, an athletic trainer and, above all, a motivator.

Sport is my life and I believe that a great performance can only be achieved by a mind set by consistency by planning every step of way and above all by commitment.

I train a lot of people especially Athletes in various discipline.
I help them to work on performance and to improve their technical quality.
But my driving force, my best skill is to train non athlete men or women, who will love to reach certain performance goals but never tried before due to lack of time, and I give them the right motivation and the tenancy to push them over their limit.

I love to Design a marathon Running program with my clients because it means make them connecting with their inner strength, let them get past their fear, let them understand that sacrifice brings results. Goals are achieved only this way..

It is a team effort.
This is my reciprocity.
Walter Marini