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We aspire to inspire #WMPERSONALCOACH WM Personal Coach #WMhuman the real Functional Training Measure WM Triple Pack the Expectation and then
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If you don’t give
all you have, you don’t get anything in return.

Awareness. Character. Consistency.

Reach your identity

Sport is a serious commitment and as such it is fueled by the right mindset and required planning and above all consistency.


Walter Marini


Luigi Di Pietropaolo


Davide D'Andreamatteo


Ludovico Carchesio

Core Activities


Run Training

This program targets all aspects of running. It increases overall the muscle strength and build better balance. Also expands the capacity of the lungs through a cardio-vascular circuit, and increase flexibility through specific designed exercises.


Performance Training

Our performance program is linked to the strength and conditioning workout. And it is a level II program. We will evaluate the athlete and determine which areas to work on so we can improve the athletic performance.


Strength and Conditioning

we designed this program to help to achieve every athlete personal goals and need. This personalized training plan is based on movement patterns, times, volumes and loads. The program is an overload-adaptation-progression process that target the specific athlete goals.


Toning and sculpting

Our Toning & Sculpting is a program that focuses on the improvement and the definition of every muscle group and Include a personalized nutritional plan.
The goal is to progressively reduce body fat percentages while maintaining lean muscle tissue.


Weight Loss

A target personalized weight loss program designed by our team . A wide range of factors (such every day life routine, sleep patterns, stress level , lifestyle choices, hormonal profiling) would be consider by our team when putting together the right program to achieve the desired weight loss.


Pregnancy and Post Pregnancy

Pregnancy and post Pregnancy personalized program. The woman body during pregnancy and postpartum changes a lot. The Hormone levels and blood pressure are altered the joint integrity is compromised, the abdominal muscles are spaced apart so all these factors and more will be considered to design a special personalized training program.